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SERIES 4 · Q1 2024
The best touchless experience on the market

Enabling the best
touchless experience

AIRxTOUCH is a touchless interaction technology based on the principle of gesture recognition. Using proprietary Sensors and Driver, our technology interprets human gestures via mathematical algorithms, enabling direct Mid-air interactions at a distance of 4-8 cm from the display. AIRxTOUCH is natural, accurate and responsive.

The magic recipe:
Hardware + Algorithms

AIRxTOUCH is powered by a patented combination of hardware and software that provides the best touchless experience on the market. Without comparison to other technologies, our solution is natural, accurate, responsive and safe.

Our sensors deliver a 1 ms response time with an accuracy of 2 mm. Our technology works under any light conditions, up to 120.000 lux (direct summer sunlight).

Made of our unique and proprietary computer vision algorithms processing 100 frames per second (Series 4), without any external code and/or framework embedded.

Don't change your behavior

With AIRxTOUCH, act the same as when interacting with touchscreen devices

You want to click that button on the screen? Just move your finger forward, close to the screen. When it reaches 4 cm from the screen, the interaction is triggered, without any physical contact! At that distance, there is no risk to touch the screen by mistake, as seen with other solutions such as capacitive foils or infrared cameras.
Touchless native Windows 10-11 Driver
Natively compatible with all .NET & HTML5 App
Dev guidelines
Drag & Drop
Right click
Slide / Swipe


Tech demos

Series 3

AIRxTOUCH technology “Series 3” at 30 fps (one-take sequence)

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Series 4

AIRxTOUCH technology “Series 4” at 100 fps (one-take sequence)

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