Touch is in the air

AIRxTOUCH, the best touchless experience on the market

What we do

We are commited
to user experience


ARxTOUCH, our touchless technology eliminates the need for physical contact with the display when interacting. Basically, you click a distance of 4 to 8 cm from the display. It’s easy, satisfying and highly hygienic.


Powered by AIRxTOUCH technology, our interactive touchless products are designed for the public space supporting heavy traffic. Made in Europe with high quality materials.


We support you all along the development of your project, from the design of your device (for manufacturers under OEM licensing) to the UX/UI design and development of your Application.


SKA is our cloud-based platform that enables you to build, deploy and monitor your content across your entire fleet of interactive displays. No code skills required, just blocks to arrange and connect to modules.


Touchless products

AIRxTOUCH Component

Designed for manufacturers · Build your own interactive touchless device.


AIRxTOUCH Kiosk 55

55” touchless interactive kiosk delivering an immersive experience.


AIRxTOUCH Kiosk 32

Multipurpose 32” touchless interactive kiosk designed for the smallest spaces.