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About us

AIRxTOUCH is a technology based on the recognition of gestures in real time, enabling touchless interaction. It solves challenges in the digitalization of public spaces. AIRxTOUCH has been developed and patented (granted in the USA and Europe) by INUI Studio, a deep tech based in Luxembourg, specialized in the field of Natural User Interfaces (NUI).

Our moonshot it to replace standard touch screens by our touchless technology, everywhere in the public space.

We work in partnership with:
Samsung, Microsoft and Intel.

“We reinvent the way people interact with displays. We believe in touchless as the natural successor of touch interaction, everywhere in the public space and we are in the frontline of this transition with our very natural and easy-to-use technology.”

Olivier Raulot
CEO & Founder · Connect on LinkedIn

Tech partners

“The collaboration with iNUI to provide patrons with a safer and easier way to order food is another example of Intel’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology to help mankind. From supercomputers and AI that help deliver scientific breakthroughs in the development of new medications and vaccines through to the everyday task of safely self-ordering a meal at a restaurant, Intel’s technology powers our customers’ and business partners’ most innovative solutions.”
Denis Gaudreault
Country Manager · Intel Canada
“We are proud to partner with iNUI Studio to deliver new innovations in contactless ordering. Today’s consumers expect self-service options everywhere they shop, including quick-service restaurants like St-Hubert. Together, we are leveraging state-of-the-art technology to create a convenient and safe customer experience.”
Mary Peterson
Vice President, IT & Enterprise Solutions · Samsung Electronics Canada.
“Samsung were delighted to be chosen for this remarkable project. The pandemic has raised many questions about customer safety and we are committed to working with our partner network to ensure we continue to innovate based on the real world situation.”
John Raines
European Business Development Manager, Transportation · Samsung Electronics


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We’re on a mission to bring touchless interaction to everyone, everywhere in the public space. We are seeking for visionary investors to steer us toward a bright and touchless future.

AIRxTOUCH is currently backed by private pioneering investors. We are now searching for additional funds enabling us to accelerate our international grow of our team and company. Starting from $ 1M / 1 M€.

Join us to change the way people interact with displays.

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