AIRxTOUCH Component

Build your own device with our technology

don't reinvent the wheel

As a manufacturer, you consider to develop your own touchless device? Powered by our technology, AIRxTOUCH Component is here for you. Integrate it to your device and inherit the best touchless experience available on the market. Available for 32” and 55” devices, MOQ 100 units. Here is what we provide:


AIRxTOUCH Component is a technical ready-to-use element to be integrated into your device. It embeds our sensors and the necessary connectivity. Works in combination with the AIRxTOUCH Driver.

3D Models

We provide 3D models to help you design your touchless device. Available in several file formats such as .skp, .stl and .step.

Building instructions

Manufacturer-specific documentation is available to help you design your system and take full advantage of our technology’s capabilities.

Driver for Windows

AIRxTOUCH Driver is compatible with Windows 10/11. This means you can develop your own Windows App for AIRxTOUCH. Your App can be reviewed by our Product & Engineering Teams to help you get the best result.
32″ kiosk built by one of our OEM manufacturers