AIRxTOUCH Kiosk 55

Premium touchless interactive kiosk

Less touch
More control

Intuitive, responsive, accurate and highly hygienic · AIRxTOUCH Kiosk 55 is our premium touchless kiosk, made in Europe. Powered by AIRxTOUCH technology, it enables true mid-air interactions 4 cm away from the screen. No learning curve and particularly efficient. Our kiosk is available in multiple colors and configurations.

Touchless = safe

By eliminating the need to physically touch the screen, our technology enables better hygiene and helps create a healthier and safer environment for your staff.

Interactive social hub

Installing our system in your offices helps you to spread your corporate messages, bring services to your employees and ask for their opinions on strategic topics, creating a better feeling of belonging · Discover SKA Hub


Our kiosk can be integrated with various technologies, collaboration tools, scheduling systems, and other software, creating a cohesive and interconnected digital ecosystem. This integration enhances productivity, communication, and collaboration within the office environment.

Tidy installation

The design of AIRxTOUCH Kiosk 55 makes it an object of design that will blend in perfectly with your offices. The kiosk can be wall-mounted or placed on its foot stand, depending on your facilities configuration.

Elevate your business

Keep your staff focus on the added-value labor, decrease the wait time for your customers and serve more people while delivering a great customer experience. In option, add a thermal printer + payment terminal.

Touchless = clean

Powered by AIRxTOUCH Technology, our kiosk enables interactions at a distance of 4 cm from the device: there's absolutely no physical contact avoiding any risk of germ, bacteria nor virus transfer.

POS integration

AIRxTOUCH Kiosk 55 is compatible with the payment solution of your choice and third-part POS systems as well.

Easy to install

2 types of installation are possible: foot stand or wall-mounted both with an efficient cable management and ergonomic setup.

Easy for everyone

From the very first use, our touchless kiosk feels natural and user-friendly. Touchless interactions are a delight, yet quick and efficient.

Touchless = safe

Keep tourists safe in busy spaces: our interaction technology eliminates the need for physical contact with the screen. Users click at a distance of 4 cm leading to no risk of germ, bacteria nor virus transfer.

Booking integration

AIRxTOUCH Kiosk 55 is compatible with the booking solution and payment terminal of your choice.

Great experience

Tourists in a hurry will be happy to skip the crowded front desks. Those requiring more support will find more available staff. Globally, you deliver a better customer experience to everyone.

Real-time information

Provide live updates on arrival times, service disruptions, and other relevant information. Passengers can access accurate and up-to-date information without relying on manual announcements or outdated static displays, enhancing their travel experience and reducing uncertainty and confusion.

Heavy traffic proof

By eliminating the need to physically touch the screen, our technology enables better hygiene and helps create a healthier and safer environment for commuters. This is particularly important in crowded environments such as buses, trains, and subway stations, where many people come into contact with the same surfaces.

Data integration

Synchronize AIRxTOUCH Kiosk 55 with your data system to provide real-time information to commuters. Also, you can gather kiosk usage statistics to feed your data system.

Get feedback

By providing detailed usage statistics, our interactive kiosk helps you to understand your passengers' real needs and make the right strategic decisions.

Latest case studies


St-Hubert (Canada) · Speeding up the ordering process while taking care of customers with touchless technology. Full integration with the POS system.



Arendt (Luxembourg) · Digitalizing coffee corners to reinforce the internal cohesion and bring useful services & info to everyone within the company.



Visit Bergen (Norway) · Reinventing the way tourists book tours, buy tickets and discover the region.


Public transport

CFL (Luxembourg) · Providing real-time information such as schedule, incidents, … to commuters in a context of heavy-traffic.

What our clients say
“Since 1951, innovation has been at the core of St-Hubert’s development. It’s always been our goal to expand offers and services so that we can provide our customers the best possible experience at our restaurants. We are proud to be the first in North America to implement this new contactless ordering system, which combines technology from Samsung and iNUI Studio along with high-level service to take care of our customers.”
Richard Scofield
CEO · St-Hubert Group
“We have noticed a strong enthusiasm from our staff to use this new communication tool. The usage statistics are very encouraging and this new format allows us to communicate more creatively on a wide variety of subjects.”
Marie-Adélaïde Leclercq-Olhagaray
Director of Marketing & Communications · Arendt
“With these touchless screens, we offer our customers, who are in the center of our strategy, an innovative solution to cover their information needs through a tailor-made user interface that we have co-created directly with them. Especially in the current health context, AIRxTOUCH is a more than adequate way to display the information they need.”
Marc Wengler
General Director · CFL
“We always want to improve and give information to our visitors in a better way. We have invested in these touchless kiosks at our Visitor Centre and at Bergen International Airport. Good technology is good hospitality and would very much have it all over the greater Bergen area, at ferry terminals, railway stations, and shopping malls.”
Anders Nyland
CEO · Visit Bergen

Product overview

Set it up your way

Foot stand
Our exclusive metal foot stand embeds player, wires and alimentation. Designed to complies with public space security standards, the kiosk can be secured to the floor.

Wall system
Searching for a very neat integration? Hang the device to the wall. The upper case embeds all the technical parts.


AIRxTOUCH® 3rd gen.

3 mm

Real-time gesture tracking

Windows 10/11


Samsung QM55B


500 cd/m²

Display protection
Lexan™ protective shield

Diagonal size
55” / 138 cm

3820 x 2160 px - 4K UHD


NUC Player
Intel Core i5 2.3 GHz

Hard drive
120 Gb SSD

Windows 10/11

8 Gb RAM


USB in





Kiosk + Wall mount
80 x 135 cm / 80 x 148 cm with Payment pack

Kiosk + Foot stand
80 x 226 cm (with or without Payment pack)


Kiosk + Wall mount
70 Kg / 78 Kg with the Payment pack

Kiosk + Foot stand
102 Kg / 110 Kg with the Payment pack


0° - 40°C

For indoor use only


Payment pack
Payment terminal IM30
Thermal printer Bixolon BK3-31AC